Haaa, six years later and I’ve completely forgotten that I even had a WordPress account.  It’s funny how things change.  Now I’m in college, trying to get my bachelor’s in Civil Engineering.  I haven’t written a short story in a long time, though all of my old stories and story ideas are still saved on my computer.  Recently, I haven’t been painting either, though that’s a hobby I picked up about four years ago.  I have my art easel and canvases laying around in my dorm room, but most of my time has been dedicated to school and lazing around (mainly the latter, though).  However, I think my career goals haven’t changed that much.  Even though it’s more math, engineering also requires creativity.  Innovation and improvements require an open mind, whether it’s for buildings, bridges, or highways.  Despite the gloomy me, I’m looking forward to a creative and fun-filled future.

And geez, how much my grammar from previous posts really bothers me now.


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